I'm about finding

the limits of my



Smashing them.



The Ohio State University 2018-2023
Bachelors of Science Business Administration

Cornell University 2016
Political Science and Government


Creative and professional experience

2021 — Present
Professional DJ | Midway on High, Ethyl & Tank, Prime Social Group

2019 — 2021
Co-Founder & CEO | Outern

2020 — Present
Demand Generation, Business Development, & Product Operations Intern | Aware

2018 — 2019
Founder & Creative Director | Beacon Brand Identity


Current Educational Interests

I'm currently spending a few hours per week working on improving my skills in Python and React.js, specifically in regards to building full-stack machine learning applications. I'm also working on skills in Blender and Cinema 4D to design custom animations and graphics.

I'm fascinated by quantum mechanics, quantum computing, archeology, and the future of work.

The inspiration to manifest amazing work into the world
Comes from experiencing the wonders that life has to offer.



I was 16 when I realized that everyone has the ability to create significant change in our world. While working in then Ohio Attorney General and current Ohio Governor Mike DeWine's office, I heard the life experiences of a victim of human trafficking. Her account was so inspiring that I decided to start a fundraiser to pay for the removal of survivors' brandings, or tattoos that their captors marked them with to signify ownership. That experience taught me that I could take problems and build solutions with profound impacts on others.

Whether through performing public service, designing brands and visual content, building innovative technology, or writing and sharing music, my professional and creative endeavors have begun and will always begin with a trifold mission: to inspire, improve the day-to-day experiences of, and have a net-postive impact on those around me.

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